Welfare of large marine vertebrates


2 CFU (24 hours)

Welfare of aquatic vertebrates

The aim of the teaching unit is to inform students on the European and National regulation governing the welfare of aquatic animals, and on the experimental approaches routinely used for evaluating animal state of health.


Topics of the course:

  • Course introduction, exposition of the objectives, bibliographic material.
  • The European and National legislation governing the welfare of aquatic animals.
  • Aquatic animals in research: breeding, care, and correct approach to the animal.
  • Appropriate husbandry conditions.
  • Methodologies for evaluating animal welfare: from sampling to laboratory analysis.
  • Laboratory activities carried out with the support of the teacher and the laboratory staff.


Welfare 2


Dr. Manuel Garcia Hartmann

Prof. Sandra Imbrogno

Dr. Mariacristina Filice