The fee required from students attending the Professional Master Programme is 3000 (three thousand) Euros; the first instalment amounts to 1500 (one thousand and five houndred) Euros, the second instalment 1500 (one thousand and five houndred) Euros.

In case of financial contribution, could be available partial exemptions of the registration fees which will be awarded according to the list in response to the selections of merit.

The Programme is not subject to exemption from registration fees and university tuitions fees (as per DPCM 9 April 2001, art. 8, para. 1). The first instalment must be paid upon enrolment with the methods illustrated in the following art. 11; the second instalment must be paid by 29/01/2022.

The first instalment cannot be paid after the deadline set for enrolment; students not paying the first instalment will be excluded from the Master.

Payments of the second and third instalments made after the set dates will be charged with a 60.00 Euro late fee.

ATTENTION - Late instalments and relative fines must be paid within 30 days after the deadline. Any student with unsettled payments will not be admitted to the Master’s final examination.

The cost of the student's enrolment to the Programme may be borne by third parties (public authorities, foundations, businesses, etc.).

In this case, please contact the place of teaching prior to the selection procedure (master.intagreng@unibo.it) for information on how to pay the fees.

ATTENTION - payment of fees by third parties must be formally recorded (in a letter of commitment or contract) by the date set for the selection process. Following payment, the university issues an accounts receipt excluding VAT pursuant to articles 1 and 4 of Italian Presidential Decree no. 633/1972 and amendments.


The first instalment is 1500 (one thousand and five houndred) Euros. Candidates admitted according to the list of qualifying students shall, no later than 27/08/2021:

  1. Go onto the website www.unibo.it/Portale/Guida/StudentiOnline;
  2. Sign in using username and password obtained during pre-registration;
  3. Follow the registration procedure.
  4. pay the first instalment with one of the following payment options:
  • online, mediante carta di credito appartenente ai circuiti: Visa, Mastercard, Diners, American Express;
  • recandosi presso una qualsiasi Agenzia UniCredit Spa in Italia con il codice di pagamento rilasciato dal sistema StudentiOnline. La banca accetta esclusivamente contanti (nei limiti previsti dalla legge) o assegni circolari non trasferibili intestati a Unicredit Spa Cassiere Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna; non sono consentiti i versamenti effettuati tramite bollettino postale né presso Istituti di credito diversi da quelli sopra menzionati;


In case of difficulties in completing the online procedure, please contact the Helpdesk by calling +39 0512099882 or by sending an e-mail to help.studentionline@unibo.it;

N.B. In the event of registration fees being paid by third parties (public bodies, foundations, businesses, etc.) the application for enrolment form is available immediately on the Studenti Online website (http://www.unibo.it/en/services-and-opportunities/online-services/online-services-forstudents-1/guide-to-online-student-services/studenti-online) by clicking on “Application form”, on the bottom of the website home page, following authentication using username and password.

5. Deliver to the Master's Office (address given in art. 16):

  • The registration form, printed from the Studenti Online system and duly completed and signed; 
  • A photocopy of the payment receipt for the first instalment; 
  • One passport-sized photo; 
  • For non-EU citizens, a copy of the resident permit, as according to art. 39 comma 4 TU Immigration (*), or a Study Visa (for university or post-graduate studies) and a copy of the receipt confirming the application for the residence permit. 


 ATTENTION – Registering in a university Master is allowed for non-EU citizens whom are already in possession of an EU long-term permit (e.g. a residence card) or a residence permit for: 

  • employment or self-employment; 
  • family reasons; 
  • political or humanitarian asylum (political asylum, subsidiary protection, humanitarian protection; 
  • religious reasons.


For candidates who are already in possession of a residence permit for studies for at least one year, it is specified that this permit must be of a renewable type (e.g. a residence permit issued for an Italian language course is not renewable) and, in order to be renewed, said permit must be held alongside the Italian degree for which it was initially released.

Eligible candidates that have concluded their qualifying degree after the deadline of the Call must send to the Master Office (according to the methods and addresses listed in art. 16): 1) the documents listed under article 3, point 3., letter a), points i), ii) e iii) if they have carried out their degree abroad; 2) the documents listed under article 4, point 2., letter a), point ii) if they have obtained the degree in Italy.