Enrolment to the selections

For candidates possessing a degree obtained abroad, the registration for the selection process takes place in three separate phases:

First phase - recognition of qualification for the purposes of admission to Master

Candidates should contact the Italian Diplomatic Representation in the country where the degree was obtained (or the competent Italian Diplomatic Representation for the territory in question) and request:

  • An authenticated copy of the qualification and the academic transcript legalized;
  • The official translation of the qualification;
  • The declaration of value.

ATTENTION  – in place of the declaration of value the candidate may provide the Diploma Supplement (issued by the University from which the degree was obtained in compliance with the model issued by the European Commission). The candidate is nonetheless obliged to produce a certified and legalized copy and the official translation of the diploma. The translation is not necessary for titles in English, French, German or Spanish.

For further details please see the following page https://www.unibo.it/en/teaching/enrolment-transfer-and-final-examination/declaration-of-value-translation-and-legalization.


Second phase - online registration for selection

To participate in the selection process, candidates must use the Studenti Online service. The candidate shall:


Upon successful registration, the candidate will be shown (and must write down) the credentials enabling the first login, will be prompted to change the password, and may then:

  • pre-register (click on “Entrance exams or requirements check”);
  • pay the 60.00 Euro admission fee (non-reimbursable administrative fee) no later than 02/07/2021, using one of the following methods: 
  1. online, by credit card Visa, MasterCard, Diners, American Express;
  2. at any UniCredit Spa branch in Italy (list of branches available from (https://www.unicredit.it/it/contatti-e-agenzie/locator.html?intscid=ucints-2001#), using the form printed at the end of the online registration.

Print the “summary sheet” and sign it. 

In case of difficulties in completing the online registration procedure, please contact the Helpdesk by calling +390512099882 or by sending an e-mail to help.studentionline@unibo.it.

Third phase: send documents

Candidates must turn in or send the following documents to the Master's Office (address given in art. 16) by the deadline 02/07/2021:

i) a certified copy of the qualification and the academic transcript, legalized or, if not yet graduated, the list of exams with grades and the expected date of graduation; 

ii) the official translation of the qualifying degree (only for graduated candidates);

iii) the declaration of value (only for graduated students);

iv) the Diploma Supplement (substituting the Declaration of Value); 

v) the signed “eligibility summary sheet”;

vi) a photocopy, front and back, of a valid ID card or passport;

vii) a copy of the payment receipt of the 60.00 Euro administrative fee;

viii) the following qualifications and documents: Curriculum Vitae et studiorum.

The above documents must be delivered by 02/07/2021.

NB: Pre-registration applications will be deemed to be valid only where accompanied by the proof of payment of the 60.00 Euro administrative fee.