Guglielmo Marconi Airport of Bologna SPA

Activity: Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport, classified as a "strategic airport" in the centre-north area of the National Airports Plan prepared by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, is now the eighth biggest Italian airport by passenger numbers, with more than 8.5 million passengers in 2018, of which 77% on international flights.

Tutor/Area: Ing. Mirko Marseglia - Sviluppo Infrastrutture



ANAS S.p.a.

Activity: Management of infrastructure assets

Tutor/Area : ANAS Roma

Emilia-Romagna Region

Activity: Expert in mobility and public transport systems and PUMS

Tutor/Area: General Directorate for the Care of the Territory and the Environment - Public Transport Service and Sustainable Mobility


TPER spa

Activity: 1. support for the Maintenance engineering function concrnig the sustainable buses, electrical and liquefied natural gas LNG, up date of data in the maintenance information system and field trial of the veicles. 2. support for the infrastrucure depsrtement conernig electrical plant for buses with opportunity charge and liquefied natural gas plant, delivery of documentation and final test activity 

 Tutor/Area: 1. dott. Ing. Bottazzi Andrea 2. dott. Ing. Monzali Fabio



Activity:  Integrated building and infrastructure design, urban planning, technical consulting services and Project Management to public and private customers, aiming at the best house comfort and the best environmental quality.

Tutor/Area: Ing. Lorenzo Ferrari


Municipality of Bologna                           

Activity:Mobility management and pavement maintenance in the municipality of Bologna

Tutor/Area: C. Carlini, D. Parmeggiani, G. Sgubbi / sustainable mobility and infrastructure area


Metropolitan city of Bologna

Activity: Integrated mobility planning, strightly connected and developed with territorial planning, for a functional, sustainable and armonic development of the metropolitan area, enhancing accessibility usability and quality.

Tutor/Area: Pianificazione della mobilità


NIER Ingegneria

Activity: Technical and scientific consulting activities for: -Systems safety and relaibility in particular for transport & mobility applications (Systems Engineering) -Safety in the workplace, road safety,environmental and energy sustainability  (HSE)

Tutor/Settore Coinvolto: Topics (Area in NIER) Road safety (HSE) Electric cars and recharging systems (Systems Engineering)



Activity: Working across cities, infrastructure and transport, Steer is a transport consultancy that combines commercial, economic, technical and planning expertise to find powerful answers to our clients’ complex questions.

Tutor/Area: Infrastructure team  


Zini Elio Srl 

Activity: Building company specializing in the construction, plant and infrastructure sectors. Through AREA SICURA it operates throughout the national territory in the recovery service of road accidents and reconstruction of damaged infrastructures.

Tutor/Area: Director Franceschi Paolo, P.I. Martignani Alessandro, Ing. Rubini Luca, Ing. Versari Carlo


 SRM – Reti e Mobilità Srl

Activity: SRM is the local Authority for Public Transport and mobilty in Bologna Metropolitan area.

Tutor/Area: ing. Tommaso BONINO, Technical Director

 Deep Blue s.r.l.

Activity: Active involvement in stakeholders engagement tasks, such as interactive workshops, surveys and feedback collection, round tables and other group activities. Active involvement in the impact assessment of policy measures and their alternatives related to the EU transport. Contribution to dissemination of EU-funded projects, coordination of partners communication, support to the organization of events.

Tutor/Area: Simone Pozzi


 Iterchimica S.r.l.
1. An introduction to additives for producing eco-sustainable hot and cold asphalt mixtures.
2. Collaboration in the production of asphalt mixtures with additives and related mechanical and performance tests.

Tutor/Area: Loretta Venturini & Shahin Eskandarsefat


 Fondazione Istituto sui Trasporti e la Logistica

Activity: Innovative research on transport and logistics to support local and regional administrations, the transport companies and nodes of the Emilia-Romagna

Tutor/Area: ITL  Bologna 


Officine Maccaferri S.p.A.

Activity: we provide engineering services across many market sectors, solving their geotechnical problems. We are a vertically integrated company; we research, design, manufacture and supply materials and support the construction of our solutions.

Tutor/Area:Ing. Pietro Pezzano


CTI Imola                   

Activity: Life Cycle Assesmnet of road pavement

Tutor/Area: Technical Director Ing. Paolo Fabbri


 Marconi Express S.P.A.

 Activity: Monitoring and control activities of the Marconi Express automatic transport system connecting the airport with the train central station

 Tutor/Area: Operations Manager


TPS Pro srl

Activity: TPS Pro, a traffic engineering and transport company, offers innovative solutions for mobility planning: simulation models, road safety, environmental impact, public transport, pedestrians, cycling, BIG DATA. In particular, it has gained national and international expertise in feasibility studies of public transport infrastructures and services, urban master plans, smart cities, analysis and improvement of accessibility for public transport services, traffic counts and surveys.

Tutor/Area: Guido Francesco Marino / Pianificazione traffico e trasporti - Traffic and transportation planning area



Activity: ALFAEVOLUTION TECHNOLOGY is a company of Unipol Group, European leader of telematics insurance. The company was created to guarantee competitivity in the insurance telematics business with more than 4 milions customers, offer diversification of products and services for new business opportunities and create an ecosystem of services for customers with focus for safety, security and assistance. The competence center, where graduates in Engineering, Physics and Math are working,    believes in open innovation and collaboration with universities, research centers and start-ups.

Tutor/Area: Eng. Paola Carrea. 

Main sector of interest are:

  • “Motor” in the scope of Unipol Mobility ecosystem
  • “Non-Motor” in the scope of Unipol Property ecosystem
  • “Wellness & Health” in the Welfare ecosystem