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Master Director

Prof.Andrea Simone

Professor Andrea Simone is a member of numerous associations and technical commissions in the ICAR / 04 sector, national (SIIV, AIIT) and international (PIARC). He is the author or co-author of more than 100 scientific publications of which 57 indexed with more than 760 citations. (Https://

His main research areas are: materials for road construction and transport infrastructures, maintenance and design of road infrastructures, road safety analysis, road geometry design and assessment of consistency with expectations of users, the design of sustainable urban infrastructures.

Master Coordinator

Prof. Claudio Lantieri

Engineer and Ph.D. in Transport Engineering, he is a Junior assistant professor (fixed-term) type b) at the DICAM Department of the University of Bologna. He has carried out teaching and tutoring activities in all courses relating to the road area, with co-tutoring activities in various degree theses. SIIV member (Italian Society of Road Infrastructures) since 2006, he has participated and co-organized various conferences / seminars and has several publications in national and international journals and conferences on issues related to the disciplinary sector ICAR04.


Ing. Ennia Mariapaola Acerra

Ph.D. student in 'Automotive for Intelligent Mobility' (AIM) at DICAM department of the University of Bologna.


Ing. Margherita Pazzini

Ph.D. student in "sustainable mobility transport" at DICAM department of the University of Bologna.