EDITION 2019-2020

1° Edition. STUDENT and STAGE

Navid Ghasemi (Tutor)

Civil Engineer

During the Master SIMUR2019, I accompanied students along most of courses. The Sustainability issues has been scrutinized through the technical aspects, as well as the economic and legal framework, giving a holistic prospect to the students.

Andrea Graziano

 Urban Planner

During the period, it was possible to collaborate directly with various regional employees, both from the public transport and sustainable mobility service sector and from other sectors. I was involved in the process of developing a strategy for the spreading of some planning tools such as Sustainable Urban mobility plan (SUMP) and BICIPLAN and the guidelines for the regional cycle system.

Internship: Regione Emilia-Romagna

Thesis Title: Urban accessibility analysis of the priority lots of the Vento cycling route in Emilia Romagna


Daniele Paolino

Civil Engineer

During the internship period at TPS I was Project manager assistant Responsible for the development of technical reports and data analysis and processing. I attended a lesson on macro traffic simulation model organized by the company to introduce to the software.

Internship: TPS Pro

Thesis Title: Design of the phase 1 of the SUMP for the city of Castelfranco Emilia (MO)

Fabio Forni

Building architectural engineering 

 During the internship I worked related to the Management of consultancy suppliers for several projects related to Operational Health and safety (OHS) improvement, I applied Machine-learning approach to a road safety project. During the COVID19 Pandemic, I participated in the consulting activities related to Covid-19 risks and document preparation for several tenders.

Internship: NIER

Thesis Topic: Work Related Road Safety

Giorgia Bulgarelli

Civil Engineer

 During the internship period I carried out activities at the Double Twist (DT) technical department at Officine Maccaferri S.P.A to evaluate the Carbon Footprint of the products.   I deepened my knowledge about Reinforced Soil Structures and studied their environmental impact and Application of the knowledge on the products by modelling and analysing present RSS structures.

Internship: Officine MACCAFERRI

Thesis Title: DT products Carbon Footprint evaluation

Giovanni Santoro


During the internship at Nomisma I was Responsible for the analysis of preliminary documents and the support during the listening process. I was envolved in the territorial the development of an information gathering tool through the GIS.

 Internship: Nomisma Spa

Theis Title: Listening process for the Strategic Plan of the Unione Reno-Galliera

Giulia Maroni


During the work experience, I worked on various cycling mobility projects. The Sun cycle route has been the focus of my work at the Metropolitan City of Bologna, involving several activities such as redefinition of the layout of the Technical and Economic Feasibility Project of a bus route,  identification of an easy cyclable route for the Mirandola-Bologna and  collaboration in the development of a coordinated images.

 Project work: Metropolitan city of Bologna


Thesis Title: Sun Route easy cyclable itinerary

Leonardo Diegoli

Civil Engineer

 During the internship I introduce to the Organization of maintenance works on vehicles and depots at TPER, define tenders’ details for new buses and services purchasing.

I was involved in Data collection and statistics analysis and worked with ICT system for ordinary, extraordinary, and predictive maintenance on vehicles.

Internship: TPER

Thesis Title: TPER Bus Fleet’s Renovation Plan

Tatiana Brusco

Civil Engineer

 I have always had a great interest in issues related to sustainability and SIMUR master gave me the opportunity to deepen my knowledge on the subject with reference to transport, the area in which I have been working for several years, initially dedicating myself to the modeling of road transport networks and since last year as a mobility specialist at the Transport Service of the Metropolitan City of Bologna.


Project work: Metropolitan city of Bologna

Thesis Title: Implementation of the Porretta Terme – Bologna – S. Benedetto Val di Sambro cross-city route: impact on High Schools usage of rail service

Cédric Vallageas


 I came from Lyon, France, moved to Bologna  where I studies geography. During the internship I introduced to the People Mover financial plan, worked with Environmental Limited Traffic Zone contract , I carried out geographical data analsys regarding the use of bike sharing service (Mobike) at the central station of Bologna.

Internship: SRM

Theis Title: A study of public transport and intermodality

Vineesh Vijayan

Civil Engineer

I worked as Research Assistant Intern at technical department of ITERCHIMICA. The Company gave me an opportunity to assist one of their European Projects which is a collaboration of Iterchimica S.r.l. and Problematika, in Lithuania. I was Responsible to conduct and analyze several laboratory tests on asphalt material.

 Internship: ITERCHIMICA

Thesis Title: An Experimental Investigation on The Application Of Nanomaterials For The Production Of High Performance And Sustainable Asphalt Mixtures

Francesco Bolondi

Civil Engineer

I have been working at Agenzia Mobilità of Reggio Emilia since in the area of “Technical services and Mobility Management”, in particular I am dealing with the following sectors:

• Technical services, purchases and assets” that is operational management of real estate assets, purchasing, investments, maintenance, upgrading and safety of bus stops, maintenance of shelter and bus stations, scheduling of cleaning cycles for bus stop systems, inspections and related reporting.

• Agency activities, that is lines authorizations, bus stops authorizations, releases to service and removals, management of the LPT service contract, service control, periodic technical checks on taximeters.

• Technical services and Mobility Management”, project and design of LPT and non-LPT services, preparation of timetables, reporting of the LPT service to the Region, customer satisfaction, planning of mobility management interventions, special projects.

Project work: Agenzia della mobilitá di Reggio Emilia

Theis title: Upgrading Of Minibù Lines - Reggio Emilia

Alessandro Rinaldini

Civil Engineer

 During the internship period I carried out activities at the Territory Services Area of the Municipality of Castel San Pietro Terme, working daily in synergy with the various stakeholders (internal and external to the Authority) involved in the study of scenarios of present and future urban expansion of the area in question, to issue opinions on the technical aspects concerning the interventions of others on the municipal heritage and also to issue permits for road works.

Internship: Municipality of Castel San Pietro Terme

Andrea Bacchetti

Civil Engineer

During the internship I was part of the working group formed from Municipality of Bologna, Metropolitan City, Emilia-Romagna Region and TPER, with the aim to face the problems deriving from the need to maintain coherent the works planned in the PIMBO Project (Progetto Integrato della Mobilità Bolognese) with the planning of the SUMP and the recent municipal acts.

Therefore, after studies, I presented to interested parties’ various solutions aimed at integrating trolleybus transport with tramway, both in terms of network structure and innovative technology for electric charging of trolleybuses.

In addition, I have updated the general economic framework of the PIMBO and organized the project documents according to the multiple additions made over time in order to improve the traceability

 Internship: TPER