6 - 7. Space Missions – I & II

Docenti / Lecturers

Paolo Tortora (UNIBO-DIN) Dario Modenini (UNIBO-DIN) Marco Zannoni (UNIBO-DIN)

6 CFU - 48 ORE / 6 UEC - 48 HOURS


In the first part of the module, the student acquires fundamentals on systems engineering of space systems and the key aspects of spacecraft systems design. He/she will also learn the design considerations which come into play in laying out a space mission and its preliminary design. In the second part of the module, students are taken step-by-step through an example of the design of a space mission, learning how to use the on-board instrumentation requirements and the general sizing criteria for all subsystems.

The module will enable students to design and engineer a scientific space mission. Therefore, the high-level learning objectives are:

  • Knowledge of the main aspects of satellite missions;
  • Understanding the usage of systems engineering methods and practices;
  • Expertise in the elements and architecture of a spacecraft mission;
  • Capability to present and defend their design of an element in the architecture of a spacecraft mission;
  • Familiarity with current trends in space industry and space science mission research.