13. Detectors for Astroparticles and Data Analysis

Docenti / Lecturers

Alberto Oliva (INFN)

1 CFU - 8 ORE / 1 UEC - 8 HOURS


This module will complement the one on Astroparticle Physics by providing the fundamentals of particle’s interaction with matter, detection techniques and their application in spaceborne experiments. It is organized in three units:

1. Particle interaction with matter:

  • heavy charged particles
  • fast electrons
  • gammas
  • electromagnetic/hadronic showers

2. Particle detectors: general properties (energy/space/time resolution; efficiency, …)                       

  • ionization detectors, scintillators, Cherenkov detectors, silicon detectors
  • particle identification: tracking detectors, transition radiation detectors, time-of-flight, magnetic spectrometers, electromagnetic calorimeters

3. Space experiments: overview (PAMELA, AMS-02, FERMI-LAT, DAMPE, ...).

Data analysis: measurement of anti-protons; the B/C ratio; the positron anomaly