Inaugural course and 1st teaching period at the University of Bologna, Ravenna Campus:

  • Re-thinking the Anthropocene together
  • Reading the landscape
  • Water, common good
  • Energy and climate
  • Managing common goods
  • Welcoming and including


2nd teaching period at the European College of Cluny, France:

  • Applied modern languages, introduction to the Cluny landscape (refresher course in French or English, plus presentation of the actors, methods and networks of the European College of Cluny and discovery of its living lab)
  • Design of public policies
  • Public service in Europe
  • Creating a system for/through the valorization of territorial data
  • Introduction to coding
  • Eat local
  • «Low carbon» mobility
  • (Re)housing the existing?
  • To be protected and to protect, to be included and to include
  • Entrepreneurship in the circular economy
  • Living with the living
  • Mobilizing the intelligence of a territory
  • Connecting without excluding
  • Acting as a local, regional, national, European and global citizen


3rd period: Professional immersion in territorial innovation project management

4 months minimum between March and June 2023, within a partner territorial authority, company or association

Compulsory attendance: 80%