Professor Mario Neve, President of the Ravenna Campus of the University of Bologna

“No solution that truly supports the Anthropocene scenario can eliminate the matter of the subject, by depoliticizing and naturalizing the question, by making of it a mere technological exercise devoid of political relevance. Economic and social inequalities and differences in living standards cannot be ignored in favor of an undifferentiated vision of responsibilities, just as cannot be ignored the weight of promoting a vision of progress and well-being linked to level of consumption in relation to attempts to find a common understanding of these pressing issues."

Jean-Luc Delpeuch, President of the Community of Communes of the Clunisois

"Climate change, the explosion of inequalities, the vertiginous drop in biodiversity, the accumulation of fragilities linked to technological sophistication, consumerist recklessness: so many symptoms of the impasse in which the world has entered. The 'day after' will not be a return to the 'days before'. The urgent need for a change of frame of reference, for thought and for public action, concerns all levels: local, regional, national, European and global. It requires the training of officials, capable of leading the processes of profound innovation in the management of 'commons' and of designing the landscapes of the ‘post-anthropocene’"

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