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The Master’s is a seven-month course comprising weekend lessons on Friday afternoons and on Saturdays (on average 12 hours a week) with a total of 288 hours distributed between classroom lessons and workshops. After the introductory lessons, it will be possible to start an internship within the company if the participant is not already working. At the end of the teaching, case studies will be presented by experts either from business or relating to complex scenarios in public administration, including, for example: Digital Forensics in police investigations, Security in embedded systems, and Practical 24/7 security monitoring.


Start of lessons: November, 2019 - End of lessons: May, 2020
288 hours in English
Attendance 80% mandatory


500 hours at a partner company (January-July 2019), which are all able to guarantee placements in divisions specifically dedicated to cyber security. For participants who are working, the hours worked within the company in the form of project work will be recognized.


  • Fundamentals of Security and Cryptography

  • Network security and administration

  • Computer security and administration

  • Secure coding I - software engineering

  • Secure coding II - web app security and testing

  • Secure coding III - mobile security and testing

  • Security monitoring I - Malware analysis and detection

  • Security monitoring II - information correlation

  • Incident response

  • Cyber Forensics