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This master aims to create professionals who can orient and innovate public administration and public companies’, by offerting an insight into the processes, the methodologies and the instruments of business management.

This Master proposes a path enabling the participants to develop suitable management skills to cover managerial positions (general or sectoral management), and carry out functions of assistance or advice to the management.

Master in City Management addresses freshly graduated and graduated persons who are already employed in the civil service sector or to those who, working as self-employed, aspire to develop innovative managerial skills in order to contribute to improving the management of the “res publica”.



Unlike the majority of other Masters, our Master in City Management addresses mainly persons who already work in the civil service or public agencies. Therefore, a further purpose of this Masters is to improve qualitatively its outplacement.

One year after the achievement of the Diploma, more than 90% of students who had participated in previous years stated they had improved their own organizational position in the administration in which they had been working. Most of them shifted from Service Management ( “C-level” ) to organizational position or directly to “D-level”, or from “D-level” to managerial level.

In some cases, managers were offered positions as director general in other government departments.

First-class Master

Following an annual survey conducted by the University of Bologna, regarding the appraisal of Masters’ quality as perceived by every year’s students, for the second consecutive year, Master in City Management was inserted among the “First-class Masters”, due to the quality of teaching and organization acquired so far. (Act. G.A. 21.04.2008)