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The Master in City Management is a first-level post-graduate course, which admits a maximum of 30 students. This course is reserved to those who already have a first-level or second-level university degree.

Admission depends on a positive decision taken after a written exam, a motivational interview and after consideration of the candidate’s qualifications and degrees.
If the candidate does not possess the required academic qualifications, he/she may participate as a “non-examination student” and will be given a certificate of attendance.




The entrance test consists of a written test and a motivational interview planned in same day.

The recommended literature for the written test is:

For the part dedicated to POLITICAL ECONOMY:

  • G. Mankiw, Principles of economy.

Students should have an in-depth knowledge of the following topics:

  • “Market and competition”
  • “Supply and demand”
  • “Monopoly and oligopoly”

For the part dedicated to BUSINESS ECONOMY:

  • M. Saita, Economy and business strategy, II edition, Giuffrè Publisher; Chapter II and Chapter IV (par.4.5); Chapter V (par. 5,1, 5,2, 5,4, 5,6, 5,7) that is: L. Marks, Introduction to the Business Economy, V edition, Giappichelli; Chapter I (excluded par. 1,6); Chapter II (excluded par. 2,4); Chapter IV; Chapter X.


Facilitation and Financing

The registration fee amounts to € 6.000 to be paid in two equal instalments. It includes the educational material distributed in the lecture rooms, mentoring and assistance during the internship.

In connection with resources gathered from our sponsor, some scholarships may be awarded to cover entirely or in part the participation fee.
Deserving students will be identified according to a ranking following the outcome of the selection tests (written test and motivational interview).

To cover the fees of the Masters, the Alma Mater Foundation, in partnership with Unicredit, provides honorary student loans without the need to submit guarantees (for details see

It is possible to stipulate special CONVENTIONS between University and public organizations or University and companies, in order to establish reduced fees to enrollment of Master for their employees.



7/12/2017 is the deadline to call for this academic year of the Master in City Management, thus within this date students must have carried out the pre-registration. You'll find all the documents in the Download Area of this site.

Candidates must connect to thewww.almawelcome.unibo.itwebsite and register in order to obtain username and password to be able to carry out the pre-registration, inserting their own personal details, paying € 60 for administrative expenses and, at last, printing the summary document. This document must be signed and sent together with the copy of the receipt for the payment of € 60, a copy of the degree (or substitutive declaration), curriculum vitae, by registered mail to:

Master City Management, Via Bartolomeo Lombardini, 5 – 47121 Forlì.

In case of doubt concerning the mailing or qualifications required, kindly contact the Secretariat of the Masters