Procedural Banking Law

Module 1

12 hours

Appeals against decisions adopted within the SSM and SRM frameworks and proceedings before the European Court of Justice: institutional aspects and in-depth case law analysis:

Chiara Zilioli (European Central Bank)

Vittorio Di Bucci (European Commission)

Karl-Philip Wojcik (European Commission)

Module 2

12 hours

Proceedings before administrative boards of review and in-depth case law analysis

Matteo Gargantini (Utrecht University)

René Smits (University of Amsterdam, Administrative Board of Review of the European Central Bank)

Marco Lamandini (University of di Bologna, Board of Appeal of the European Financial Supervisory Authorities and Appeal Panel of the Single Resolution Mechanism)

Module 3

12 hours

The role of ADR in banking: proceedings before the Arbitro Bancario Finanziario and the perspective of the FIN-NET network

Marcello Marinari (ABF-Bologna Chair)

Nicola Soldati (University of Bologna and member of the ABF Bologna Panel)

Marco Martino (University of Bologna and member of the ABF Bologna Panel)


Marcello Marinari

ABF-Bologna Panel