Banking Contract Law

Module 1

12 hours

Civil law aspects of financial contracts, transparency, product governance and conduct risk, FinTech innovation

Alessandro Pomelli (University of Bologna)

Federico Della Negra (European Central Bank)

Enrico Leone (EBI and S&S)

Module 2

12 hours

The intersection between Capital Markets Union and Banking Union and the role of banks; structured finance and investment bank contracts, contracts for extraordinary transactions, for central bank refinancing and for access to capital markets; alternative financing for SMEs

Filippo Annunziata

Federico Pistelli

Christian Romeo

Module 3

12 hours

Current problems related to the law of commercial bank contracts, with particular regard to post Covid-19 circumstances and the management of debt restructuring

Vito Bevivino

Antonella Mondino

Luigi Ardizzone


Alessandro Pomelli

University of Bologna