Governing complexity through knowledge: the strategic role of the law of the Banking Union.

The Professional Master's Programme, which is unique in Italy, examines in-depth every relevant aspect of the Banking Union, of the Single Supervisory Mechanism and the Single Resolution Mechanism, offering a wide and thorough analysis of the principles, values and rules of the Banking Union, together with the practice of prudential supervision and resolution.

Directed by Marco Lamandini, the Professional Master's Programme also covers all relevant issues related to judicial review in banking, with particular attention to the proceedings before the Court of Justice of the European Union, national judges and arbitrators (especially the Arbitro Bancario e Finanziario) and to criminal law and sanctioning proceedings in banking. It also offers an in-depth view of banking company law, contract law in banking, structured finance and bank crisis management.

The aim is to train experts in European and national banking and financial regulation who can successfully carry out legal and regulatory functions in supervisory or resolution authorities, credit and financial institutions, law or consultancy firms offering highly specialised assistance.



Classes will be held by several experts and representatives of the Bank of Italy, the European Central Bank, the European Commission, the European Financial Supervisory Authorities, the Single Resolution Mechanism, Deloitte, Intesa Sanpaolo, S&S, Banca Generali, Studio Bricola, Annunziata & Conso, UniQLegal, Orrick.





250 hours
from January to October 2024
Friday (9 am - 1 pm; 2 pm - 6 pm)
Saturday (9 am - 1 pm)

A minimum attendance of at least 70% is mandatory.



For participants who are not already professionally active in the field, a 450-hour internship will take place at the end of the teaching activities, with preference with law firms, consultancy companies, public and private entities.

Participants who are already professionally active in the field, can replace the internship with a specific Project Work to be agreed with the Master Director, also taking into account their working context.