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The master's degree for those who want to work in the space sector.

The SPICES master's program is for anyone and everyone who wants to become a professional in the space sector and is looking for an educational opportunity that can broaden and enrich their skills and make them immediately spendable on the job market.

Due to its strongly multidisciplinary nature, SPICES welcomes undergraduate and graduate students from various scientific disciplines, such as: mathematics, chemistry, physics, engineering, statistical sciences, forestry, geology, agriculture, etc. For a detailed list of admitted degrees, see the admission requirements page.

During the course, participants and attendees will integrate their knowledge and skills with those of their colleagues and will have the opportunity to fill any gaps generated by their home studies. The space sector is increasingly looking for profiles capable of working from the perspective of interconnectedness and multidisciplinarity, who know how to create and strengthen synergies between different fields and areas of application. Such and so many are the areas of development in the near future that constant attention to the integration of new skills will be necessary. In this context, the relationship between academia and industry plays a fundamental role in building bridges between disciplines, assessing gaps to be bridged and providing concrete training opportunities.

This is why the 600-hour internship provided by the SPICES program is a fundamental part of the training.