The course takes an overall 200 hours in class and 450 hours of internship.

Course structure

The course is organized in 9 modules that cover the whole field of legal informatics and IT law:

  • Module 1 – Legal informatics (15 hours);
  • Module 2 – Intellectual property and Information society (25 hours);
  • Module 3 – IT contracts (15 hours);
  • Module 4 – Electronic signatures and E-Commerce (25 hours);
  • Module 5 – Privacy protection and new technology (15 hours);
  • Module 6 – Computer crimes and network security (15 hours);
  • Module 7 – Computer forensics (20 hours);
  • Module 8 – E-government - information technology in the public administrations (20 hours);
  • Module 9 - Artificial Intelligence and law (15 hours).

In addition to those 9 modules, that represent the common programme of the Master, two specific course are dedicated respectively to:

  • "Law and informatics for Legal operators";
  • "Law and informatics for the public administration".

The enrolled students will be able to choose between these two specific course to expand the sector they are most interested in. Different modules are dedicated to the above-mentioned specific courses. To be activated, each specific course needs at least 5 enrolled students; if one of the above-mentioned specific course is not activated, it will be compulsory to attend the other one. The choice of the course of interest has to be communicated at the time of enrollement of the Master (the choice cannot be modified), through the appropriate form attached into the announcement for admission.

For the specific course "Law and informatics for legal operators" the modules are:

  • Module 10 - “Informatics technologies for the legal operator” (15 hours);
  • Module 11 - “Advanced profiles of IT-Law" (20 hours).

For the specific course "Law and informatics for the Public Administration" the modules are:

  • Module 12 - "Information systems and security for the Public Administration" (15 hours);
  • Module 13 - "Technologies enabling the electronic control in the Public Administration" (20 hours).


Duration and other information

The course lasts one year. Lessons in class will take place at the Bologna University School of Law and at CIRSFID and will run from early February 2023 to July 2023. Classes meet Fridays from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM and from 2:30 to 6:30 PM, and Saturdays from 8:45 AM to 12:45 PM.
Intermediate tests will be held on each module and a final exam will be held in January 2024: this exam will conclude the Master's activities.

For those enrolled who request it, it is possible to replace the internship with a Project Work (drafting of a paper / thesis).

Lessons and examinations are held in Italian.