The A.Y. 2021/2022 of the Master's course in IT law and legal informatics has been duly activated and the relative admission notice has been published.

Deadline for applications is scheduled on 10 december 2021.

For any information on the new edition of the Master, please consult this website, the admission notice or send an e-mail to the following address:

General informations

The Master’s Course in IT Law and Legal Informatics, now in its XXI edition with this 2021-2022 academic year, is offered by CIRSFID – ALMA AI - Università di Bologna, in collaboration with the Department of Legal Studies of University of Bologna, the EULISP (the European Legal Informatics Study Programme), the Fondazione Alma Mater (Alma Mater Foundation) with the patronage of the "Società Italiana di Informatica Giuridica" (Italian Society of Legal Informatics).


Master Director

Prof. Giovanni Sartor


Avv. Claudio Di Cocco




Scientific Council

Prof.ssa Monica Palmirani

Prof. Antonino Rotolo

Prof. Giovanni Sartor

Avv. Claudio Di Cocco



The course provides participants with the knowledge and research and analytical skills necessary to work their way easily through the various legal and technology related issues involved in IT law and legal informatics.

Job opportunities

The course provides training in IT law that will qualify participants to fill a wide range of job descriptions in government agencies and private companies alike and to work as service  professionals, too. In fact there are many sectors in which the fast-developing new technologies are bringing radical changes by introducing new dynamics and models. And for this reason  there are many opportunities - in law, business, and commerce - that the marketplace is making available specifically for those who have mastered the skills this course is designed to provide: one example in this regard is the opportunities to play a role in the expanding effort to automate processes in public administrations, in law offices specializing in IT law,
and in private companies that operate in ICT or that maintain relationships with such companies. Similarly, the Master is intended for those professionals who, dealing with technological issues or holding positions in the IT and ICT sectors, are increasingly in need of govern even the nowadays unavoidable legal aspect.



Partnership with EULISP

The Master’s Course in IT Law and Legal Informatics is part of the European Legal Informatics Study Programme consortium - EULISP, offering similar courses with participating universities, which at the moment are the following: Strathclyde University Glasgow; Katholieke Universiteit Leuven - Universiteit Brussel; University of London; Université Notre-Dame de la Paix Namur; Universitetet i Oslo; Lapin yliopisto Rovaniemi; Universität Wien; Universidad de Zaragoza; Leibniz University of Hanover; Pontificia Universidad Católica de Argentina. An opportunity is offered to complete part of the course at any one of these partner universities, earning credits that count toward the Master’s course.

Enrollees wishing to do so will have to place a request with the course’s administrative office: according to requirements and access terms of the EULISP programme and set out by the affiliate university in question (including the relevant fee, if any), the office will evaluate the application looking for compatibility with the course program and calendar. The attendant must demonstrate that he/she has adequate knowledge of the language in which the courses of the chosen venue will be held.

Should any university receive applications in excess of available places, admission will be based on a ranking that takes into account the applicant’s proficiency with the language in use at the foreign university and the ranking in the admission list.