• Lectures: 360 hours | Interships: 375 hours

MIXR is a one-year professional master of first level

Course structure (360 hours)

  1. General theory and methodology, by Elena Formia and Gustavo Marfia;
  2. Application of knowledge, by Nils Andersson, Adam Bladowski, Marcin Kasica and David Perret;
  3. Urban, Architecture and Cultural Heritage, by Danila Longo (area chair), Matteo Cassani Simonetti, Marco Gaiani, Simone Garagnani, Jacopo Gaspari, Valentina Gianfrate, Alessandro Iannucci, Valentina Orioli and Marco Pretelli;
  4. Product Design, by Andreas Sicklinger (area chair), Fabrizio Ivan Apollonio, Valentina Gianfrate and Clara Giardina;
  5. Fashion, by Ines Tolic (area chair), Daniela Calanca, Fabriano Fabbri, Mariella Lorusso, Gustavo Marfia, Giovanni Matteucci, Roy Menarini, Federica Muzzarelli, Giampaolo Proni and Simona Maria Segre Reinach;
  6. Medicine and Health, by Emanuela Marcelli and Claudio Marchetti (area chairs), Giovanni Badiali, Andrea Bolognesi, Laura Cercenelli, Cristiana Corsi, Stefano Diciotti, Mauro Gargiulo, Alberto Leardini, Maria Livia Rizzo, Riccardo Schiavina and Achille Tarsitano.


Student interships (375 hours)

Students will develop immersive experiences utilizing 3D technologies, CAVEs, HMDs and mobile devices, working at the laboratories of EON and/or of other companies.

TIMELINE – A.Y. 2019-20


Monday through Thursday, 9-13; 14-16
Start: November the 25th 2019
End: March the 27th 2020


Student interships will take place between April and July 2020.


EON Reality - Worklife Innovation Hub



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