During 2019, industrial spending on augmented and virtual reality is overtaking consumer spending. The uses of such technologies are broadening and deepening as many companies are realizing their full potential: the engaging nature of such experiences has stimulated investments in new marketing and sales paradigms, in new learning processes and forms of experiential training.

Well aware of the technological revolution in place, the Master in Innovation in eXtended Reality (MIXR) brings together the University of Bologna and EON Reality, a multinational specialized in the design and development of immersive platforms. The aim of MIXR is to provide students with the knowledge required to engineer extended reality experiences, specializing such skills in four high potential domains: design, architecture, fashion and medicine.

The MIXR educational program includes a first phase, where theoretical-methodological knowledge will be acquired in lectures delivered by the University of Bologna faculty. Technological and practical know-how will be subsequently covered with the EON Academy staff. Domain dependent scenarios, related to design, architecture, fashion and medicine, will be developed in conjunction with the University of Bologna faculty and the EON Academy staff. The educational program concludes with an internship at the laboratories of EON Reality and/or other companies.


Director: Gustavo Marfia, Department for Life Quality Studies, University of Bologna.